How to travel across Canada by car on a budget

If you have never seen certain parts of Canada, and you have a few weeks where you are not working or going to school, you may want to plan a cross-country road trip. One of the first things you need to do is pick the right season. Going on a road trip across Canada in the winter may not be the best idea, as you would get yourself mixed up in at least one snowstorm while you are traveling. But during the summer, spring and fall, you should not have any issue getting from one side of the country to the other!

Before you get started on planning for your trip, you may want to learn about the car insurance in Ontario you will need for your vehicle. And you can always get cheap car insurance in Vaughan if you know the right website to visit. There are all sorts of car insurance quotes available on these sites, and they make it really easy for you to get the biggest possible discount. And depending on whether you are a student or a driver with no accidents on their record, you may get even more discounts from the insurance company.

Highway road views of mountains
Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

In terms of going cross-country in your car, the one thing you are going to have to figure out is where you will sleep. You may think that sleeping in your car is a viable option, and it is not a bad idea for days when the weather is nice outside, but it cannot be your only plan. One option that you have is to make a list of all the cheaper motels and hotels that are located outside of the major cities. If you go into suburbs or smaller towns, you will often find that the lodging rates are much less. And you can always a book a room for a night every few days, to ensure that you are getting good sleep and you are not staying in your car all the time.

One of the great things about traveling cross country is that you are going to find so many different things to do. Canada is one of those countries where you can literally go into any major city, or a smaller town, and find tons of free activities. Whether you are hiking, birdwatching, going to the beach, or visiting one of Canada’s national parks, you do not have to pay much money to engage in all of these activities. If you are traveling with a couple of friends or with your spouse, things can get even more interesting.

With these types of trips, planning is key. You may want to add some spontaneity in terms of where you eat or what particular activity you choose for the day, but you should have a detailed plan of where you want to go, the routes you are going to take, the places where you could sleep for the night, and the places where you can go and have fun on a budget.

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