A Guide To Backpacking In Europe

Whether you are taking a short break before starting university or a 6-month sabbatical from work, backpacking is now a notably popular way to travel. There are so many places to see, so many sights to experience and an array of new cultures to discover in the modern world. However, budgeting for this adventure can prove difficult.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to discover Europe, a backpacking escapade is a great option. When planning such a getaway it’s important to set a budget prior to leaving. The sum of money spent per day will depend on a number of factors. These expenses will often include food, accommodation, transport and attraction fees. Creating an itinerary before you set off will help you to work out a rough daily budget.

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If you plan to hop from city to city, booking flights in advance is a must. Monarch Airlines offer a number of cheap flight deals around Europe, many of which boast a variety of top tourist attractions.

Staying in plush hotels every night of the week just isn’t feasible. Thankfully there are a number of contemporary hostels dotted around the globe. Hostels are a great option for backpackers, especially for those that wish to explore Europe. Not only are they reasonably priced but they can also be found in the vast majority of European cities.


Barcelona is a vibrant town located in Northern Spain. Both Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi have had a huge influence on the architecture here, which makes it an interesting yet surreal city to visit.


Dubrovnik is a picturesque region on the Adriatic coast. It’s also a prevalent tourist destination and one that offers a wide range of attractions. Hiring a jetski is the best way to get around and allows visitors to tour a number of the surrounding quaint towns in their own time.


Venice is one of 118 islands, all of which are linked by bridges and divided by canals. The city sits in the Venetian lagoon, which is a renowned beauty spot and one that is visited by millions of tourists each year. Tourists will be rewarded with celebrated artworks, impressive architecture and tantalising food.


Although famous as a prevalent party destination, this tourist hotspot is also notably popular with backpackers. The island boasts a variety of attractions, including idyllic beaches, picturesque scenery and hippie-style markets. Casco Antiguo is the historic area set high up in the old town, with this region offering an insight into the ‘real’ Ibiza. It’s packed with arty boutiques, a variety of charming eateries and numerous quaint white houses.

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