Best Beaches In Spain

Spain is flanked to the west by Portugal and to the east by the Pyrenees and France. However, the majority of the country is bordered by seawater and sand. The terrific beaches and year-round sunshine attracts millions of beach-loving tourists every year. There are many beaches to choose from:

Costa Verde

The rocky coast of Costa Verde is similar to a sunny version of the western shore of Ireland. The temperature can be temperate here in the summer, when the majority of Spain is extremely hot. The ancient province of Asturias contains most of the coast. The area has not been invaded by tourists, so it is an ideal place to escape the massive crowds that populate some of the other Spanish beaches. Some of the more notable resorts in the area can be found in Oviedo, Gijón and Santander.

Cliff and beach in Spain
Image by Antonio López from Pixabay


One of the best beach destinations in Spain, this resort is located on the southeastern coast. No matter what time of the year you go there, you are sure to find it packed with sun-seekers from northern Europe. The sand is white, the water is turquoise and the annual rainfall is low. This will ensure that your vacation is a sunny one. If you are interested in looking at the available flights to Alicante,.

The Balearic Islands

These islands are a 45-minute flight from Barcelona. They are located just off the coast of Catalonia. The mainland is much cooler that the warm Mediterranean climate that you will find on the islands. The largest beach crowds are always found in the city of Palma de Ibiza. This is one of the biggest party destinations in Europe for young people. If you want to escape the crowds, you might consider giving Menorca a try.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is bordered by cliffs and extends from the French border to Barcelona. The coast is dotted with picturesque, sandy-bottomed coves. This area has managed to keep its sense of wilderness, even though there are not as many undiscovered beaches than there are along the Atlantic coast of Spain. The late surrealist painter Salvador Dali owned a villa along this coast that was one of the most eccentric-looking of its kind. He lived a large portion of his life in this area.


No matter where you are in Majorca, you are never very far away from one of the beaches that can be found around the island. Many people consider Majorca to be one of the best beach destinations in the world. The beaches here offer a wide assortment of choices for tourists, from busy beaches dotted with parasols to secluded coves. One of the best beaches for families is Playa de Muro, located between Alcudia and C’an Picafort. With crystal clear waters and golden sands that stretch out for over 5km, it is not hard to see why so many people visit here every year. There are many low cost airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair airlines that fly to Majorca every day, so why not visit and see the beauty yourself?

Costa del Sol

Along Spain’s southernmost coast, stretching east from Gibraltar, you will find Costa del Sol. It is the most famous string of beaches in Iberia. The Mediterranean waters are generally warm and peaceful for most of the year. Perfectly soft sand covers the beaches you will find here. However, these pleasures have attracted many tourists, so be prepared for large crowds if you come here. The most important resorts are Nerja, Málaga, Torremolinos and Marbella. Along with the sunshine and bikinis, you will also need to endure traffic jams that seemingly never end.

With so many scenic beaches in Spain to choose from, why not make plans to visit during your next vacation? Perfect sand, water and weather will help you to escape the pressure of your daily life. So pack your swimsuit, tanning oil and sunglasses. The beauty of Spain awaits you. It is sure to be a trip you never forget.

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