Teaching English in Ulsan – Interview with Griffin Stewart

Where did you teach?

Ulsan, South Korea

What are the perks of teaching here?

We went away with so many unforgettable friendships. Plus, the pay is great. We were able to save for 1 year’s worth of travel in only about 11 months in Korea.

View of North Ulsan - Flickr CC hucker

Would you recommend teaching in this specific location?

I highly recommend teaching in Korea. It’s a great experience; it’s an opportunity to earn extra income and it’s a wonderful adventure.

What were the biggest cultural adjustments?

Koreans have a tendency to not see the “big picture” of a lot of situations. They tend to make regulations that don’t make any sense or are really over-the-top. Things like “desk warming” where you sit in your classroom during the winter vacation and do nothing; or being forced to attend a “new teacher” seminar that teaches you how to do things like set up your bank account and cell phone… when you’ve been living in Korea for 2 years already.

What did your average weekend in this country look like?

Korea has a lot to offer! We spend most weekends traveling to other parts of the country, going to all kinds of festivals and just getting to know Korea!

Could you briefly describe your hiring and Visa process?

We went through a recruiter for our application process, so aside from a lot of paperwork, it was pretty straightforward. We just gathered up all the forms and certificates we needed, sent them in and waited.

In your opinion, is this a good destination for a first time teacher?

Korea is a great destination for a first time teacher. Your co-teachers will be there to help you get started and the students are fun, if not obedient! It’s a challenge in the classroom, but get creative and you’ll have fun as well as the students!

Snowfall in Ulsan, Korea - Flickr CC hucker

Can you tell us a bit about your travel blog and what readers can expect to find?

Our travel blog is a mix of a lot of different things. When we started, it was meant to be about our experiences in Korea. After two years, we decided to leave Korea and travel around the world. Now, we give tips and advice on the different places we travel to, as well as photos of the week.

Can you briefly tell us about your upcoming travel plans?

We’re still traveling! This month will mark 1 year of continuous travel for us and we’re still loving it. Currently, we’re traveling in Europe via train, (Eurail) and will continue on to a few countries in the Middle East and Africa after we finish up here. We’ll be heading back “home” some time after January.

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