Everything you need to know before your trip to United States

Travel to America and everything you need to know. We have prepared an article with timely topics on organizing a trip to such a distant destination. For many, the United States of America (USA) is a dream trip, while for others, the organization of the journey alone seems like a mountain!

So to help, we have gathered all the information you need to prepare for a trip to the US properly. Road trip to the east coast, walk in New York, visit Las Vegas, Route 66; this country will impress you with the countless options it can offer. Everything you need to know to plan your trip except airline tickets is here. We take it for granted that you have booked your plane tickets, so you are well on your way; you are already halfway there.

Travel documents you will need:

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Those who have a passport already check that the expiration date is not less than six months from the date of your trip. In case you are on edge, we suggest you renew it immediately. Those who do not yet have a passport time to get out! Collect the documents and submit them to your passport issuer. Have a passport photo on your mobile phone or printed with you.


In America, you will not need a VISA but an Electronic System for Travel Authorization or, in simpler words, ESTA. Enter the ESTA website by clicking here and after passing all the necessary information carefully, wait for its approval. The whole process is done electronically and will take you about two hours. Do not forget to have a photocopy of your approval.


Where to stay? There are many accommodation options throughout the US. Generally, the accommodation cost is relatively high, so you may find it challenging to find the ideal accommodation for you, as your budget is limited. However, especially if you travel with friends, we would recommend Airbnb, hostel, and couch surfing! We would recommend not to book out of cities (New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas) due to cost; you have to feel the vibes of each town. It would also be good to be near a metro station to be flexible. Have a photocopy of your reservation with you, so that you do not face any problem.

Credit cards

You are in America, forget the cash and use your credit card for your only convenience! In this way, you achieve a better parity in most cases. Take another card with you for extra security. Make sure you have a good credit line and inform your bank about where you are going to travel (some banks need it). Take some cash with you and make sure you know the currency before you travel.

Sights to visit

Here you will need your own good internet search, through a travel guide or with a travel agency to book a tour. Apply appetite, imagination, and literally take paper and pencil and start planning all aspects of your trip! Once you are done, go through all the points of interest in Google Maps, and after calculating the distances, you have your plan ready. If times do not allow you to walk, get Jump bikes from point to point – that will be incredibly economical and easy to use.

Car rental

For those of you who want to rent a car, choose a well-known tenant who usually allows take up – drop off in different convenient places, mainly if you depart from an airport other than the one you landed! Choose providers such as Enjoy Travel, which offers you a wide variety of vehicles, combining the lowest prices with the quality of its services.

Traveling to America, meaning the USA, is a unique experience. For many, it is considered the organization of the mountain. But it is not. It certainly requires organization and good preparation so that they do not occur unexpectedly and the cost skyrockets. We wish you unique experiences if you finally realize this wish of yours! We have tried to cover all the issues that will concern you for your general preparation.

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